We Are Not Okay

I am not okay.

You are not okay.

We are not okay, but that is okay, because of Jesus.

While perusing social media recently I came across the umpteenth meme declaring “You are strong.” “You are capable.” “You are enough.” Sounds good, sure. The woman in the photograph looks confident, put together, and beautiful. There is an unspoken promise that if I am courageous enough to stand in front of my bathroom mirror and declare this mantra over myself then suddenly I too will be confident, put together, and beautiful. The problem is when we turn to walk away from the proverbial magic mirror, we know better. 

With ever increasing repetition and volume we are encouraged to speak the truth we want, claim the reality we dream, and declare good, even the things we discovered in the dark. It isn’t working. Our struggle continues. Deep down, actually, maybe not that deep at all, we know better. We have tried every possible thing to make ourselves feel better and convince ourselves we are alright. Yet, when we stumble into a moment of pause and reflection we cannot help but think, “I am not okay.”

There is good news, and it is Jesus. God knew from the beginning that the world would be plagued by sin - sin, which is the “any and everything” that goes against God. He also had a plan from the beginning to save us from the separation and death that sin brings. He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21). He sent His son Jesus to take our sin, die our death, and give us the gift of right-ness with God. You read that right. Jesus, who never sinned, traded places with us, dying our death, and giving us His standing with God. What could be more remarkable?

Instead of an insincere, unhelpful mantra, the woman in that mirror could stand to hear the gospel again - God has poured out His grace and forgiveness in Jesus, and on the cross He has done what I could never do. 

I am not okay, but Jesus is. 

I am not enough, but Jesus is. 

I am not strong, but Jesus is. 

I am not capable, but Jesus is. 

Who He is, He is eternally. That means that Jesus doesn’t have bad days where His best isn’t good enough, where He drops the ball, or where He fails, and even more, He trades me for all of mine.

Do not read what I am not writing - life in Christ is not easy, and we have not yet been removed from the sinful world around us. In fact, following Jesus will put us at odds with all who oppose Him and draft us into a war against the sin that surrounds us and tempts us. Bad things happen, sickness occurs, death overwhelms, and wounds still hurt. However, we do not fight against God in this battle, rather He fights on our behalf. More than that, He declares us the victor.

We are not okay, friends, but Jesus is. He is enough. Trust Him. Today, right now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, the truth is the same for us all - God loves you at maximum capacity. We don’t earn it or lose it, but only in Jesus can we know it. Turn away from your sin and take the trade - His perfect goodness for your sinful rags.

Let us remind and encourage one another, believers and unbelievers alike, we wake up to a shared reality every morning — we need Jesus today.

Allison D. Wilks