Water to Wine

While at a wedding recently, one of the officiants spoke briefly about Jesus and the wedding at Cana. Now, I’ve heard this story many times - both at weddings and at church and in Bible studies, and its always puzzled me why this was Jesus’ first miracle. I mean, you’d think He’d want to start off with a bang - cast out a demon, make a lame person walk, feed a couple thousand people out of a kid’s lunchbox, something to make heads turn and ears perk up and folks think, ”Hey, we need to listen to this dude.” And while turning water into wine is for sure impressive and a miracle nonetheless, it seams a little less “life-altering” than some of Jesus’ other miracles. 

But upon hearing this story again today, it occurred to me that through this one miracle, Jesus lays out His purpose here on earth. He shows exactly what it was that He came to do. Because when Jesus spoke over the water, it was changed. Permanently. At the deepest, molecular level it was altered to become something totally new. Never to be water again - now to be forever wine. And Jesus performed this miracle in response to a need...a void. Where there was nothing, in this case, no more wine, He interceded and made something. He took what was lacking and He made it whole. Complete. Restored. 

So really, Jesus’ miracle at the wedding was our first glimpse at Jesus’ role in God’s rescue plan. Everything He would do here on earth following this miracle would follow the same pattern. Broken to fixed. Void to complete. Lack to made whole. Whether it was healing a leper or calming a storm or offering salvation to the thief hanging beside Him on the cross, Jesus came to change things...permanently. And He’s offering us the same kind of miracle even today. He knows our lack, our void. He’s seen our pitiful attempts to make wine from water and he’s seen our utter failure. He recognizes every part of our total depravity and rather than leave us totally lacking (which we completely deserve), flailing around in our own sin, He offers us a water-to-wine-level miracle. He offers us a permanent change at our deepest, most personal, most intimate level. An opportunity to never be water again. But instead, to be whole. Complete. Restored. 

And much like the guests at the wedding, we just have to accept it. Drink it in. Open our arms and throw our heads back and let His overwhelming grace wash over us. Open our hearts and let His transforming power sweep in and leave us forever changed. 

No more void. No more lack. No more water. 

Jesus came to make things new. 

Megan Woodham