This seat is taken. There is no vacancy. We are at capacity.

The throne is occupied.

No matter how we say it, the truth of Psalm 47:7-8 remains secure, 

For God is the King of all the earth; Sing praises with a skillful psalm. God reigns over the nations, God sits on His holy throne.

Has an unexpected disappointment shaken your core? Did a setback, a diagnosis, or a painful loss send your mind and heart reeling? Look up, He is still there. The throne is occupied. In despair and in delight, in pain and pleasure, in worry and wonder, in the fear of the unknown and the greatly anticipated unknown, He is there. Look up. The throne is occupied.

I am often rattled. He is not. I am often frantic to solve and fix and cure and deal, but God is where He has been for eternity and (gloriously) nothing has changed. He reigns. He is King of all the earth - both of those who love Him as well as those who deny Him. He has never taken a break. He has never been distracted. He has never looked away for one second from all that is His and all that He desires for it to be. 

Let’s look at three encouragements about the occupied throne from the psalmist in these brief verses: 

First, there is always reason to praise the Lord. Wherever you find yourself today, both literally and within the depths of your own thoughts and feelings, God is where He has always been and that is a remarkable joy. He is and always will be who He is, and that is good! He is worthy of praise and the fact that we are invited to do so is a treasure forever available to us no matter what today has delivered.

Second, His reign is over all nations. No one is exempt from His authority. No one - whether they like it or not, whether they acknowledge it or not, He is Master, He is Supreme. He is sovereignly governing. No wayward soul, no defiant enemy, no misguided coworker, no terror wielding stranger, no one is outside the grip of His hand. We are never without recourse as long as our Father is in charge, and friend, look up. The throne is occupied.

Finally, we are reminded that we approach Him with affection and honor and praise that is drenched and dripping with the fear of His holiness. His throne is not fickle. His ways are not errant. His yes is forever and His no is from the beginning. We declare a beautiful hallelujah because He has proclaimed a holy amen. 

Even when our hearts and homes and wallets and hopes are empty. Even when our longings make deep trenches of void. Even when we hold out hands containing only lack. His seat is full.

He sees you. Right now in this moment. He sees you and He knows. He knows and He cares. He cares and He is able. He is able and He will act.

Look up. Don’t miss it. Read it again. Say it out loud. Write it on the bathroom mirror.

The throne is occupied.

Allison D. Wilks