Kids These Days

The older I get, the more disconnected I feel from what it was like to be a kid. I really hate that that’s true because being a kid was great (and being an adult is overrated)! But often times I find myself confused by their current “obsessions” and bewildered by the world they now live in. I grieve the shortening of childhood and their fixation on growing up so very fast. Occasionally, I hypothetically throw my hands up in the air and think, “Kids these days...” and what completes that sentence varies from day to day...moment to moment. 

”Kids these days aren’t respectful. Kids these days don’t appreciate what they have. Kids these days don’t know what it means to work hard for something.”

I’ll admit I’ve thought and even voiced those very things a time or two. But after having spent the week with 44 incredible kids, I’ve realized a few more important things about kids these days...

Kids these days are going through a lot. Broken homes. Broken families. Death. Tragedy. Sickness. Mental illness. Anxiety. Fear. 

Kids these days are distracted. By electronics. By the pressure coming at them to perform at the highest level in every single area of their lives. By their own crippling insecurities.

Kids these days are bearing tremendous burdens and are being forced to grow up too fast. They’re living in a world where their “irrational fears” are actual possibilities and they’re just plain old scared. 

Kids these days are smart and kind and responsible and funny. They’re caring and compassionate and generous and loyal. They’re quick to love and laugh and smile and forgive. 

Kids these days need encouragement and support. They need love and affection. They need stability and a safe place to just breathe. 

Kids these days need someone to let them be little. To still sing to them at bedtime. To make cookies with them and play tag with them and pull them close and read to them. 

Kids these days need joy. They need peace. Oh boy, do they need peace. They need someone to tell them its all going to be okay. They need to see the light at the end of the tunnel shining brightly. They need hope. 

So while there’s certainly a lot that’s changed since I was a kid, and a lot I’ll admit I don’t understand about kids, there’s one thing that never changes...

Kids need Jesus. 

And as I sit here tonight completely exhausted from a week of children’s camp, I HAVE to thank the Lord for the week He gave our kids. For the way He revealed His name and His way and His power to all of us. May I never, ever, ever again miss an opportunity to speak the Truth into the heart of a child. 

If there’s only ever one thing we have to offer...only one thing we can give to them...let it be said that we POURED OURSELVES OUT to give Jesus...

To kids these days.

Megan Woodham