Jesus and Indiana Jones

Quite a few years ago, my family went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While we were there, as tradition would demand, we made our way to the “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My nephew, Logan, who at the time was only three, was sitting in my lap. If you have been to this particular show, you know there is a lot of fire, sudden loud noises, and fast-paced action. Our seats were very near the stage floor, and my nephew was a little apprehensive about the whole experience. He sat perfectly still with his little hands covering his eyes, only occasionally daring to peek through his fingers to see what was happening. During one particularly suspenseful scene, when Indiana Jones is being chased by “bad guys,” Logan popped up from behind his hands and with triumph sparkling in his eyes declared to me, “Jesus will help Indiana Jones!”

Do you remember when Jesus seemed enormous, able to leap tall buildings and rescue you from monsters? He was our ever present hero. When “My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do” was not just a song but the reason that you loved Him and the foundation of your faith. As we get older, we make the mistake of shrinking our measure of Jesus and putting God into a form we feel is manageable. He goes from Mighty Warrior who is not only able, but also willing to save, to a name we sew on a pillow and display like a souvenir from a different time. We relegate Him to a distant, uninterested deity who cannot be bothered by us, instead of the champion of my day. 

The Psalmist tells us in chapter twenty-four verse eight, “Who is the King of Glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle.” The King of Glory is strong and mighty. He is mighty in battle. He is able to conquer the enemy and overcome every opposition and obstacle of this world. He is so big, and truly there is nothing He cannot do. 

My prayer is that today you will be enthralled by God in His word, and reminded that He is able. He is not only mighty to save, but He is eager to do so! Seek Him today when He can be found. There is not one monster in your closet, not one shadow on the wall, not one crack in your heart, not one diagnosis, not one abuser, not one fear, not one sin that He has not overcome. He is ruler of all! 

“Yes, buddy, Jesus will help Indiana Jones!”

Allison D. Wilks