God is at Work

In the beginning God created. (Genesis 1:1)

In inexplicable wonder and creativity God initiated the first thought, first form, and first breath of all things. 

He created. 

He did not stumble upon. He did not happen upon. He did not discover. 

He created. 

He had no lack, no need, and no longing.

Yet, He created.

For His pleasure and glory He delighted to inaugurate the world.

He spoke all things into existence. 

He had a plan for everything that would live, move, and breathe.

He saw them with His own eyes.

With extraordinary precision, color, and variety He shaped all things.

He called them by name.

All things were new and strange.

He declared them good.

All things were mysterious and odd.

He declared them good.

All things were untested, unfamiliar, and inexperienced.

He declared them good.

He is at work. He has a plan. He is not finished until it is good.

The world is broken. He is still at work.

We are helpless in our sin. He has a plan to save us by the death of His Son, Jesus, on the cross.

Things are not good? 

God is not finished.

Allison D. Wilks