"Get To"


On the way home today, Sam was talking about his upcoming (eh hem...two and half months from now) birthday and dreaming about what kind of party he’d have. He said to me, “Mama I’m most excited for my birthday because I get to be 6!”

Get to. 

What a sweet perspective my baby has. He gets to be 6. And how different his vocabulary from his mama who uses phrases like “have to” and “must.”

I wonder how different my attitude and my days would be if I adopted the “get to be” perspective. 

I “get” to get up early to begin my day...to sit by the Christmas tree with my Bible and prepare my heart and mind for what’s to come. To ask the Lord to be near and pour out His peace and protection over my family and friends. 

I “get” to prepare breakfast and lunches for my family...to write little notes in lunchboxes that will bring a smile a few hours from now and to remind them that mama is just half a day away.

I “get” to sit in carline for drop off and pick up...to be the last face they see before school and the first face afterwards. To be a smile and a hug and an “I love you baby.” To be their constant.

I “get” to go to work...or to stay home and work...to provide for my family and walk obediently in the Lord’s calling on my life for this particular season.

I “get” to do laundry...to have access to one of 15 clean water sources inside my house alone. To busy my hands with the work that will ultimately show my family my love and care over them. 

I “get” to clean spills and sweep crumbs and unpack backpacks and repack backpacks and help with homework...to remind my littles and myself that the day where there aren’t spills and crumbs and papers galore will come all too soon and I’ll long for the busyness and mess once again. 

I “get” to wash dishes and faces and bath time babies...to demonstrate God’s grace in that no matter how dirty something gets, you can always clean it up again. 

I “get” to read bedtime stories and sing bedtime songs and pray bedtime prayers and get one more cup of water and give one more kiss...to be their safe place to land at the end of a big day for a little body. 

I “get” to lay my head down on my pillow each night...exhausted, warm, comfortable, sheltered from the elements, and sheltered in His peace and rest...to pray prayers of gratefulness as I drift off to sleep. 

Dear Jesus, forgive me for my “have tos” and “musts.” Change my heart and my perspective to see that because of your immeasurable, abundant blessings in my life, I “get to.” And let my “get to” be for Your glory. Amen. 

“From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another. “ John 1:16

Megan Woodham