Do You Like Your Party?

Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday! I am so glad that You came as a remarkably ordinary baby in a meager place to normal parents and made that day extraordinary. We honor and celebrate You, the Prince of Peace, in this season we call, Christmas. I hope You like Your party. Streamers and balloons alone just would not do - Your day should be different. So, we put up the prettiest tree we could find and its evergreen needles (plastic as they may be) remind us of Your eternality and the forever You have promised to those who love You as Lord. Lights have gone up EVERYWHERE so that even lamp posts and gutter drains are a thing of beauty, for Your delight, because You are the Light of the world and the One beyond compare. Do You like Your party? I hope You do.

We’re not sure what food You like so we just made EVERYTHING; and with every fork-full we remember to “taste and see that You are good” (Psalm 34:8) and that all good things come from above (James 1:17). For most birthday parties we sing a simple birthday song, but for You we sing the songs we have saved all year. Do You like Your party? I hope You do.

We have set aside a time to gather in joy and gratitude with those with whom we share life, but clowns and party games seemed too normal for such a glorious occasion, so instead we play with the tradition of St. Nick and his generosity; and while we laugh along with the jolly white beard we know that he, too, is a tool to celebrate You. No gift we could wrap could ever truly express our worship. We have nothing to give that wasn’t first from You; but we share what we have with the people we have, wrapped in glitter and bows, as a testimony of the gift of life we have in You. Do You like Your party? I hope You do.

We hope You like Your party, for more than the reason for the season, this season is the reason we may live. You came; and so we celebrate - not more than any other day, just, in a very special way.

Do You like Your party? I hope You do.

Christ has come! Go and Tell. Merry Christmas.

Allison D. Wilks