It creeps in and sets up shop in our minds and hearts like an uninvited guest. 

Sometimes we don’t even realize it until it’s pressing in on every side...making us uncomfortable, uneasy, discontent.

People hurt us. Circumstances frustrate us. Waiting exhausts us. Our spirits are crushed. Our heads are down. 

Discouragement blinds us to our blessings and blurs our perspective. It makes us forget the past faithfulness of God and question when and if He’ll come through this time. 

But we can be encouraged by this sweet truth from Psalm 3:3 - “But thou, o Lord, are a shield about me; my glory and the lifter of my head.”

God alone is our shield against discouragement. He heals our hurts. He speaks calm over our frustrations. He gives strength in our exhaustion. He mends a crushed spirit. 

He lifts our heads. 

Like a father tenderly lifting the head of his child, brushing away tears and speaking life into our very souls. And in those moments, discouragement flees and there is only His unmistakable, undeniable, unexplainable peace. 

Thank you, Jesus, for taking my discouragements and bearing them for me. 

Thank you for replacing them with joy that only comes from you. 

You alone are my shield. 

You are my glory. 

You are the lifter of my head.

Megan Woodham